The is it normal guessing game (closed)

This is kind of pointless but I'm bored so who cares.

Here's how the game works: The first person who can correctly guess which is it normal user I am wins. Everyone is allowed to ask three questions and is allowed to guess twice. If I feel like answering a question will narrow it down too much I'll be intentionally vague.

The winner receives one month of is it normal gold (or, if they already have gold, the pride of denying gold for somebody else)

However, if there is no winner by 2 PM EST on Oct 19, the game will be over, I will not reveal myself and my identity will be left a mystery for humanity to ponder forever.

Now begin, peasants!

Edit: Cuntsiclestick won! I'm Wryladradofft.

I thought this game would go on longer, fuck

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