The herbs they're responsible for making

Can you believe the herbs being created in the lab? They mix weird ingredients with extracts of herbs or horseradish or turmeric or curcumin etc together. Some of these herbs exclusively are curcumin and that's extracted from turmeric, it's the hot substance (with chilli it's capsaicin) found in there, yes, there's tiny amounts, undetectable, of heat in turmeric, God decided to make turmeric a bit hot. On the other hand most of these herbs, in pill form, include green plants, spices, and garlic, garlic capsules must be giving herbalists a laugh, stinky bulbs with hot taste and is made into a herb, am I the only one who thinks they're conning you?
The little picture is that the herbalists couldn't care less about your health, they make shit you're supposed to put in your mouth with the lie that it's good for you, including fish oil and hemp oil, wow, do you really want to put dirty residue in your mouth?
It's crude oil, it's not a delicate food with fine ingredients, none of those low quality herbs are delicate, they're cheap plastic with dull colours, not much fun to eat, and the only genuine if not real herbs that's not a cheat is the herbs that don't stink, con you, or give you pimples, that's magnesium, D3, ginkgo, ginseng, vinpocetine, CoQ10, herbs like that, the problem is some of these herbs have shocking results making you want to throw a brick at a herb for how junk food it sounds.

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  • Nobody's forcing you to use these products...

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    • The problem is I've been buying the wrong herbs and there's cons I never bought in my life, also vinpocetine feels strange to me, in getting the optimal significant results it should only be iron, copper, milk thistle, St John's wort, curcumin, ginkgo, ginseng, Vöost, Bio C 1000 +, PQQ, CoQ10, magnesium with calcium with D3, and chlorophyll, that's something I recommend and think everyone should take, to avoid the repercussions of an abnormal body and brain.

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  • Tumeric helps my arthritic knees, and ankles.

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