The gaming chair

Hot damn I found this full leather gaming chair used for only 100 bucks. Normal price was 400 bucks new. Why wouldn’t everyone buy used chairs instead of new for a quarter of the money? Blows my mind how peeps can be so stupid to buy new when used is abundantly available for cheap.

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  • The possibility of the item being damaged or the seller being a scammer can be deterrents. Some people may also want or need a highly specific item very quickly and don’t have time to wait for a quality one to become available from a reliable second hand seller.

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  • Why do people even buy "gaming chairs"? How are they better than a regular executive chair?

    Gaming chairs try to mimic sports car seats and I don't like that. When I sit down in front of my computer I want to relax and feel as comfortable as possible. And sporty looking chairs are gonna be my last choice. I go for bulkier chairs with the most padding and the squishiest feeling seat suspensions.

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  • In addition to the previously mentioned bedbugs; damage. Used chairs often have stains, tears, or the cushions are worn out.

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  • fulla bedbugs

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  • I'll say that getting a used chair can be gross. All the other persons facts, dead skin, and everything else. But in time it can be made your own, or it will remain with a funky smell.

    Either way a $400 chair for $100 is a great deal that should be jumped on by most. And do to my jealously, I shall say my friend... Go Fuck Yourself, and enjoy the chair. :)

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  • Thanks for providing the third option.

    I have something much better, my urine soaked bed.

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  • I don't care how low the price is. I don't know how well that seat's been cleaned, and I don't know how to clean it. Sometimes I like to get my face in those seats! I don't want the thought of some stranger's butt lingering in the back of my mind.

    By the way, if anyone has a tip on a comfy gaming chair, please respond.

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