The e-girl experience

For e-girls (of the Twitch/Discord/Twitter variety, but mostly Discord), what's your experience really like? There are obviously the stereotypes of thirsty guys (which are usually true), but also stereotypes that attractive e-girls are actually really lonely, as if their classification as an attractive e-girl makes them distant and unapproachable. If there are any on IIN, please feel free to comment your experiences.

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  • What the fuck are you on about?

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  • If the person is on the internet instead of standing in front of you I would say they’re kind of distant and unapproachable hahaha

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  • What do you mean by e-girl?

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    • An e-girl is when there is a girl who goes behind the internet or an app who has a girl personality.

      Most of them get simped on.

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