The dreams we have are the parts of ourselves that we should be

It's normal, and when we have dreams without the horrible parts of their existence, we're acting out in ways that we should be. When we dream that we're in a house in a netted fence with a garden inside in the country then we should be living in the country in that unfamiliar part of any nation as depicted in the dreams.
If in that dream the neighbour has a dog that wants to bark more than it chases and bites us then it's safe to say we want a good dog that rolls over and lets us pat it and not a dog that bites as it barks. It's the same when we dream of God when Mum has stubble on her chin and that's God and heaven is our mum's house then he (Mum/God) is mad at us then that's an indicator that God's angry with us and we sinned and we should remain Christian people, fine. Then when we have dreams that we eat whale meat and it has a funny taste and we spit it out then it indicates that we shouldn't have whale meat and if we eat it we should spit it out.
Fine, and then when we wake up we "realise" it was all a dream, but we don't realise that, these dreams are our future of who we are as we should be, not the other way around.

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