The best iphone case

Had my 13 pro max since launch, about to order my 7th case for this baby now when the new spring colors are out. Got 2 leather, 3 silicone and the clear case. My review is as follows:

Apple Golden Brown leather case:
Sucks - look dirty around the corners

Apple Dark Cherry leather case:
Very nice, the dark color hides the dirty look when the corners turn black. It did however mold when I stored it for a couple of weeks.

3x Apple silicone cases (Pink Pomelo, Blue Jay, Clover)
F**kin’ awesome cases. Better than the leather ones imo. Getting the nectarine one next week.

Apple Clear Case
Trash imo. Accumulates grime like there’s no tomorrow

What’s your jam? I only rock Apple cases for the logo (no 3rd party shit)

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