The alien anal probe feels awesome, but i wish they would use more lube

The aliens abduct me and probe me almost every night. I really enjoy it and find it very erotic and amazing. Yet I wish the ETs would use more lube. They don't use much, and the gray humanoid beings tend to just ram their probe up there with minimal lube. My arse is really sore after this, and it aggravates my hemhorroids. I just wish my alien abductors would use more lube. But I really enjoy my encounters and enjoy the probe immensely. But I just wish they would use more lube

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  • You need a more open line of communication.

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  • Aliens, abduction and probing... Sure you didn't just get taken to prison where you got turned out by some dude called Allen?

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  • I hate when that happens

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  • It happened again last night! I kept some petroleum jelly in my pajama pockets just in case, and they abducted me again! Couldn't believe the coincidence! And this time my abduction was even better!

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  • Lucky! If only it were my ass they probed. Those extra terrestrial bastards!

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  • you can not use the word Aliens you must use (extraterrestre)
    and yes when they probed my ass i loved it so much they stopped doing it. I told i need more little hands in my ass

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