That i m addictted to breast sucking

Hi i m in my 30...married.. no kids..i have had sex with few women other then my question is that is it ok that a person is more attracted toward sucking breast other fucking..i keepjng sucking my women ..sometimes my wifes asking me in joking sense when thr is no milk coming out why do u suck for suck a long time

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  • Planning to get her knocked out...very soon will share news updates..

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  • My wife loves having her breasts licked, sucked and bitten hard by not only me but loves it when a stranger does it her. Although no milk comes out she tells me that the felings she gets from this is special and we end up having amazing sex. We have a very open marriage and she just loves it when she gets her tits out for strangers and let's then sucked hard on them, so yes it is normal for women to enjoy the suckling of their breasts.

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  • I love to suck on a hot set of tits. It is one of my biggest turn-ons. Most women like to have their boobs sucked on and played with

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  • You wont get milk out of those big ass tities unless she is pregnant.

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  • Thank you dear for the updates

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