That I am so obsessed with my wife

I have been married just over 18 months now and I am just completely obsessed with my wife - more so than when we first got married which back then i thought impossible.

She drives me crazy - i fear literally! I can't stop my thoughts going back to her throughout the day - I've gone home early in the past because I just couldn't take the pent up frustration. I worry my behaviour will drive her away and I am trying to control it, but it's hard I find every little thing she does adorable, every little noise, every movement - I sound so soppy i know but I just can't seem to shake it.
I know she's going to get fed up of the calls/texts when I'm at work, she's going to get tired of sex almost everyday and she's going to get pissed off that I want to spend all my free time with her, but when she does go out with her firends I just find myself sitting at home watching the clock waiting for her to come back so I can feel her skin and smell her scent again.
it doesn't help that she doesn't complain, she giggles when I bring up what a brute I am, the giggle itself sends me spining, it's like a viscious circle.
And then I can't seem to express how much I love her, I try and tell her and in the end the frustration drives me to trying to physically express it and I end up hurting her unintentionally, she's had bruises on her sides from where I've held her too tightly, she's had love bites that look like dracula was involved and i've made her sore on a number of occasions.

Is it because she was a virgin when we married? is it because she's so much younger than me? is it because we went through a lot together before we married? is it because shes more attractive than me and I so scared i'll lose her i'm acting like a brute?
Some of her friends and her parents already think something not right is going on - i hate to think what my behaviour looks like to outsiders.

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  • I had a girlfriend that was behaving like that with me. First it bothered me but soon I madly fell in love with her and she was practically begging me to love her the same way she did love me.

    Eventually I fell for it and became just as obsessed with her, wanting to spend every second with her, desiring her all the time, honestly telling her my every thought and being all sentimental.

    I don't know if this had to do anything with what happened because she never told me, but she eventually left me and I can tell you that it was the mother of all pain for more than a year to deal with that breakup.

    I really enjoyed being like that and being with someone like that but it was the first time I completely opened up to someone and loved her in a way I thought its impossible.

    Be careful, if she leaves you it will be a brutal experience. I thought even about killing myself after that. If you ever get in that situation just keep in mind that time will heal you and don't do anything stupid.

    I just think that this is probably a once in a lifetime experience. You will not be able to feel the same again if this doesn't work out.

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  • find something you like to do , spend some time apart knowing you will see her and let her do some chasing after you, it's fun and she'll like it. know that in the end she's married to you.have faith! put your energies in some romantic weekend nights like rose petals on the bed and a nice meal....and I would certainly do what the first comment suggested. good luck

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  • It seems as though you've answered your own question in the last paragraph. Perhaps you're aware of the reasons for your behaviour to some extent.

    Personally, I do not think that obsession with another person is all that healthy. Just the fact that you're writing here shows that you suspect that something may be wrong. Have you brought it up with her and asked her what she thinks? Because you're right, all this obsession could well start to become quite suffocating. Have you ever gotten like this with anyone else?

    Make an effort to fill up your time with other pursuits. Do you have any other people you can meet up with? The best thing is probably to talk it over with your wife. Good luck and take care.

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  • You're on a one-way ride to losing her.

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  • At least you recognise your obsession is out of hand, it's great you live her so much but if you carry in acting so intense ESP bruising her you may drive her away, by all means do nice things but you seem suffocating. Have u asked her how she feels about your behaviour ?

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  • i think it's sweet. although, i also think it will fade with time. you're newlyweds, you're in love. i'm sure a million women would love to have a man like you, as opposed to a man that cheats and secretly downloads porn all day.

    she's your wife, tell her what you're feeling. that's what a marriage is about, sharing.

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    • What's so sweet about him being so obsessed with his own feelings that he physically harms her?

      This is nothing to do with love, it's obsessive and it's not healthy.

      He's the sort who'll stalk her when she leaves him, because she will and do worse when she gets involved with someone else.

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  • dont take tension
    just fuck her day and night she will never utter a word and make her suck your cock and load the cum in her mouth and make her to swallow it

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  • Yes it's normal I'm infatuated with my wife she's my boo my solemate I couldn't imagine life without her now for both of us it was love at first sight I follow her everywhere I clock watch wen we apart I'm not saying we perfect we argue like normal do each other's heads in to the point where I think we are gonna split up but we don't we stay together cos we are meant to be we complete each other I feel naked without her by my side finishing my sentence's that's love I always say this because its true I'm addicted to Lauren addicted to her smell her voice her touch my lozy is my better half its not just the sex thing its the whole package

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  • You should have a set guys/ girls night so you both have alone time and then have a date night as well

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  • Have you ever considered couples counseling not that you have a serious problem cuz people assume that's what I mean when I say therapy but it just having a unbiased third party to hear how both of you feel and maybe it would be easier to talk about with someone rather then directly to her but so that she's still there and can listen
    I really hope all the best to both you and your very lucky wife
    If you guys had a kid you could spread your love around and love how much he or she does adorable things and ur wife woul be more susceptible to spreading quality free time but until you can control the temper with the bruising and such then I would not recommend that

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  • I think it's really sweet that you love her THAT much and that that love has continued throughout being married for awhile. That's something you don't really see now days. But also a little obsessive as you mentioned. But try talking to your wife and tell her how you feel. She married you so she obviously loves you and will probably want to know how you feel. I know I would anyway. Good luck in the future hope it all works out for ya.

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    • It's NOT sweet to physically harm someone you say you love!

      What's wrong with you people? You're encouraging his obesssion

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  • maybe its just because ur newly weds... it might calm down in a few months

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  • Sounds like my fiance, but he at least can stand to be away from me. Just relax dude, you're married. She'll still be coming home to you and you can still spend time with her. Just let her breathe, alright?

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  • Your Probably just horny man, ask for a handjob.

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