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Does anyone here have any experience in hormone replacement? I plan on going to get bloodwork to check my hormones since getting on DHEA and then stopping. DHEA is a precursor to a hormone that converts into testosterone and DHT (I'll put a picture below of a graph showing what it does). DHEA is over the counter sold and is basically a hormone that allows your body to make more of its own hormones from it (like T and estrogen or whatever your body needs) Many bodybuilders say its basically useless but once I got on it I noticed a massive difference in everything. I felt much more energy through the day and just felt amazing.

My beard got thicker, I started talking louder.
Then I started noticing my hair was continuing to shed after 6 months of it so I got off. I also developed back acne. Now I notice myself having more brain fog, less energy, less masculine feeling all around. I feel more emotional but less angry. I feel low testosterone. The one side effect I've never experienced though is ED or trouble building muscle. Its always been quite the opposite. This leads me to believe I may or may not have low testosterone because I responded so strongly to DHEA. I just ordered Tongkat Ali which is proven to increase Testosterone naturally. Hopefully this doesnt cause the hairloss since I still have good hair in my 30s. Im still writing this long ass post like im a woman, jesus christ. This wouldnt happen on the DHEA XD

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  • Why do faggots always turn to pharmaceuticals. Is it an IQ issue? You can solve all your testosterone issues with lifestyle changes. You don't need to see dr. shekelstein for some bullshit test injection that might cause you major health problems 20 years from now (since we don't know the longterm effects of regular hormone injections).

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    • DHEA is over the counter, meaning you can buy it at walmart. Its not an injection. I dont take TRT. Although when I get in my 50s I'll probably get a prescription for TRT.

      I dont wanna get in a debate over this but TRT is healthy from the research I have read. The effects of low testosterone are more problematic than the effects of TRT. TRT is just setting you at healthy testosterone levels its not gonna spike you as high as you would need for sports or bodybuilding. It only puts you in normal ranges.

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  • I'm on trt but my balls were never making the normal amount of testasterone in the first place so I dont have the counter effects of having too much testasterone because my testasterone cant be converted.

    Be prepared its gonna hurt in a lot of places as your natural production gets cut off. Acne is normal, BO gets worse.

    As for hair loss... sorry bro but that's down to simple genetics rather than testasterone. Growing beards and body hair that's directly contributed to testasterone in the body. Top hair though it's what's in your genes.

    More testasterone isnt going to change anything physically that wasnt supposed to be. No bigger dick sorry. Unless it was stagnated by lack of testasterone during puberty.

    As of course you arent taking testasterone directly it could be driving up your estrogen production. As with all the other hormones you naturally produce.

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  • https://ibb.co/2cKGCqd

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