Tell me one thing you like and one thing you hate about each user

Tell me one thing you like and one thing you hate about each user or users of your choice. Sort of a pros and cons thing, if you will. I'll start!
I like Crocotta1 because they are unique and have very interesting hobbies.
However, one thing I dislike about them is that they can be kinda rude.
Your turn!

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  • megadriver, Cuntsicklestick, SkullsNRoses are one of them.

    Nothing I like or dislike about them though I'm neutral.

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  • I'm a terrible bird/person

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  • You know, I'm so FUCKING sick and tired of being called a FUCKING P word. I have stated multiple times on this site that I disagree with kids being sexual or having sex AT ALL or even kissing, even with other kids, I made a post on here about how I was uncomfortable to watch Stranger things even for that very reason. I get called a "map" or whatever because I have asperger's and I was obsessed with Jackson five era MJ and wished I could have been his friend and given him a childhood like he was my little brother and cried every night thinking about how his dad abused him, and I GET CALLED FUCKING NAMES,
    I'm so sick of being singled out and called "creepy" when I am as harmless as a person could get, a 2 year old could beat me in a fight, and I HAVE A CRUSH ON FUCKING DAVID FIRTH, WHO IS FUCKING 40 YEARS OLD!!!
    And even if I WAS a "minor attracted person", I wouldn't have chosen that, that is literally being mean to someone for their mental disorder and the chemicals inside of their brain, it's messed up, and if I have never hurt anyone ever or want to, why don't people leave me tf alone just because of my special interest that's caused because of my autism and relating to a person. IT MAKES ME SO FUCKING ANGRY!!!!

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    • I don't come here all that often and only read a fraction of the comments. Your name stands out because you comment a lot, but I don't have much of an opinion of you. Which is good because it means you haven't said anything so atrocious that it made ne notice. But I have seen people single you out and I don't understand it. Don't let it bother you, some people just like to cause trouble.

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      • Thank you. It hurts because I have done nothing wrong, yet I've seen people post on here recently they want to "kidnap and rape a young girl" and no one said shit to them. Except me. I bet they single me out BECAUSE I'm harmless, if I was a dangerous person who was a threat to anyone, why would anyone pick on me? They're cowards.

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        • They pick on you being an arsehole, women like you get the better of people who are patient with you, so shape up and stop annoying them.

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          • Yes they are being arseholes that's right.

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            • You're the one being an arsehole to them, not the other way round, even though arseholes are pissed off at you, do you know why? How do you know they're happy and want to give you flowers? It's absurd. If you're autistic it doesn't mean you're not an arsehole. Furthermore that's what I like about you, I think you're cute. What I want from you is to think of things larger than yourself, and if you don't understand the question, it's not too much to ask.

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  • Pinkpickle:
    Like - she has never been mean and seems kind and polite.
    Dislike - a bit woke.
    Like - He has been nice to me on some occasions and we agree on some things.
    Dislike - he has called me a p word before.
    Like - he has been nice to me on most occasions
    Dislike - I'm pretty sure we disagreed on something once but icr
    Like - Pretty sure he has spoken well of me before
    Dislike - He has insulted me and nothing he says ever makes any sense it seems like he just writes the first things that comes out of his head and I can't make sense of any of it.
    Like - They are hilarious and I find their posts amusing when I see them I burst out laughing. Their obsession with their favourite Youtuber is quite relatable.
    Dislike - Again, some things they say doesn't make sense, and they say that asexuals are part of the lgbt community.
    Like - We have some similar views on a lot of things.
    Dislike - They once said something that annoyed me, (saying that I should be disappointed because an idea I came up with had apparently been devised already)
    Like - They like chickens.
    Dislike - They're just damn rude and hate me for no reason, they also called me creepy. Hence why I have them blocked.
    Like - I think she's okay, I don't remember her being rude to me really.
    Dislike - Possibly woke
    Like - Has been somewhat nice to me, I think
    Dislike - again, maybe same with Skulls but idk
    There's probably more people but I cba to add them yet, feel free to take your stab at me.

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    • for a MAP, you sure seem lost.

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    • I mean we are apart of the LGBTQIA with the A which stands for Asexual

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      • What if an asexual person didn't want to be part of the lgbt community? Cause the lgbt community is associated with sexuality and what if an asexual person doesn't want to be associated with sexuality at all?

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  • I won't name the user but there's a user on here I like because they're challenging to debate with but what I dislike about them is the positions they're likely to hold.

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  • I like big booty latinas and white girls. Thats about it.

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  • You ever seen that Pinkpickle user around? That girl is duuumb.

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  • I like Tinybird, what I don't like is how frustrating she gets when I just want one last chance to say something that will compensate for last time.
    I also like Clunk 99.9% of everything about him, he's a holy man.
    I like Lloyd Asher 99.9% too for his good advice, and I don't like Somenormie, he lets autism be a bloody way of life and he's crazy!

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