Tell me about your favorite person

Tell me a little about who you would consider to be your favorite person on this planet

What makes them your favorite person ?
What’s your favorite memory you have with them ?
Do you do anything to honor them ?

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  • My favorite person was my cat.

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  • My favourite people are my brother, my partner and my best friend. I tell them i love them and show them i care with my actions. With my brother i ask him how his writing is going and listen to him for hours as he tells me about his story. With my best friend i drop everything to help her. With my partner i say words of affirmation, am attentive and warm. I am encouraging to all three. I love them because they are all authentic, empathetic and take the time to understand me and show they care as well.
    My favourite memory with my bestfriend is probably when i was way too high in highschool and she calmed me down by distracting me by pretending to be a dragon. Favourite memory with my brother is the nights when we would play fight/wrestle/have pillow fights. Favourite memory with my partner is when we first met, our walks at the dog park and sitting in his car in his arms listening to music 😊
    Great post! Thanks 😊

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  • my favorite person is the online me

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  • Y’all my favourite things.

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  • I don't have a favorite person. All of my friends and family are both beautiful and shitty.

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  • My self, only I can save me.

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  • I keep trying not to have a favourite person and failing. I am transitioning away from one favourite person right now and I really, really don't want anyone to take their place.

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  • (Aka Irizu) I don't have any favorite person.

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  • Actually I changed my mind.

    My best friend that I grew up with for 18 years.

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