Strange dreamlike experiences in the mornings

Some mornings when I am in the state which feels like right before you fall asleep I have a strange dream that is always the same. I am lying in my bed and my arm lifts itself towards the roof as if its defying gravity, merely floating upwards and I let it happen. I do not open my eyes as it happens. Eventually my entire body slowly begins to float upwards. I can feel myself getting very light and floating slowly up towards the roof. I do not open my eyes, I am relaxed. It happened again this morning. As it was happening this time I could hear my mother getting up and entering the bathroom, this made me suspicious wether this strange experience is a dream or not... It is not possible obviously to float but it could be some kind of an out of body experience I suppose. I've never had an out of body experience, but I have had sleep paralysis before that's it. This morning when it happened I actually thought to myself "I wonder if this will put me into sleep paralysis" because I was lying entirely still not moving except from how I could feel my arm lifting itself. Did my arm actually lift though? I had my eyes closed. Maybe it only felt that way, or I was lifting my arm on my own but without intending to. I dont think this is sleep paralysis because i'm sure I could move if I wanted to and sleep paralysis tend to be scary but when this happens I am relaxed. Has anyone else ever experienced this before falling asleep or fully waking up?

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  • I've had a couple of similar instances.

    I had one a lot as a kid that felt like I was jumping on a trampoline, and I loved that one! Sadly, it's probably been around 20 years since I last experienced it.

    I've had one in which I felt like angels/fairies or something were grabbing my arms and legs and trying to pull me upwards, and I had that same floating sensation, though it was like I was being carried by several flying/floating beings.

    I used to also have a recurring one as a kid that was sort of like a halfway dream, as I was not 100% asleep yet and could still hear everything going on outside the dream. The picture was like an old snowy/fuzzy black and white TV and it was always an old VW Beetle-style car pulling out onto a road I was standing on and running over me. I could "feel" the car hitting me, but it was more like a gentle push and then everything would go black, and the dream would restart. I couldn't actually move out of the road in the dream, but I would try several different things to get the car's attention and make it stop, like trying to get the driver's attention by waving my arms.

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  • Piggybacking off the "hypnagogic" comment, I looked it up, and since this happens in the morning, it's probably a different thing called hypnopompia.

    It happens to me all the time, but I've always referred to it as "daydreaming" even though they're much more vivid and engrossing than that. I think they're pretty cool, but then again, I've also never had sleep paralysis.

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  • You’re in a hypnagogic state.

    I had a couple of full on out of body experiences in that state. Whatever that is, people can really do it and it’s incredible, indescribable.

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