Straight hair turned curlier/wavier

i used a shampoo for curly hair and after a few days of using it ive noticed my hair being super wavy??? is this normal? have i always had wavy hair? or it it just the shampoo? pls help

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  • That's odd. Iirc hair's curliness depends on how it forms under the skin, either straight through like that pin head guy or kinda twisted

    Do you normally blow dry and brush your hair out? That can disguise wavy hair as straight. Shampoo itself isn't what normally helps curly hair. Curly hair gets dried out faster than straight hair because it uses that moisture to hold the curls.

    Conditioner, specifically tea tree oil for me, is what helps curly hair the most. I would say the answer is more in how you let it dry than what product you used

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  • I dunno, but it's interesting is what it is!

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