Straight, but going out with a gay guy

I was once a long-haired pretty sort, but then I buzzed my hair and grew a beard. None of the ladies liked me, and when 2020 happened and I couldn't get a barber, I grew my hair back out and started shaving because it was uncomfortable. Since then, I have gone back to my pretty look, and while I think it suits me, only one girl has so far talked to me since. Some older women who liked 70's rockers talk to me because it was popular back then and I do have awesome hair, but otherwise, women have ignored me both when I had short hair and a beard (because I'm a super scrawny nerd who can't grow a beard, even at 30) and they (mostly) ignored me when I went back to the long haired clean-shaven look at 30. The only people that consistently like and complement me are gay guys, and I'm thinking about dating one - we've been talking and he and I have a lot of the same interests and tastes, especially in music - both of us are big fans of bands that nobody else has even heard of, and we both have some pretty awesome sound equipment and instruments to mess around with. We are going on a date in the near future. Is it normal for a straight man to date a gay man because he appreciated his appearance and has the same interests?

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  • But at that point you aren't straight anymore.

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    • Could be various factors, involving him not necessarily being straight but combination of many orientations and among many other things, which one of them frustration with inability to date much the opposite gender getting his brain to find a relation with anyone who accepts it, whether it be a male or a female, and in this case it's male, so it's many things to debate and converse about, but speculatively.

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  • That makes you bi or at least bicurious if you are attracted to him, but from the sounds of it you guys just have stuff in common and that's called friendship. You want to be his friend. Do not lead him on if that is the case. Think about how it would feel to cross normal friendship boundries with him before you go ahead with this.

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  • "Straight"

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  • Quite often I go out with my male friends for a drink and a chat and it doesn't matter if any of them are gay. There is nothing wrong with a straight guy going out with a gay guy. One of my friends is gay but when we meet for a drink I don't refer to it as a 'date' we are just pals. As your friend is gay he might think that you have other ideas towards him. If you have, then that is ok, if not then make it clear that you only want to be friends, it's only fair.

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  • Keep going. With a bit of luck you'll end up naked in bed with him and you'll find out just how great it feels to be fucked.

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