Stomach ache fetish?

I've had this since I was pretty young (4-5) and I've felt really self-conscious about it. Basically I get turned on when I think about the guy I like, or a celebrity crush, having a stomach ache. I really just want to hold them and comfort them, make them feel better I guess.. Idk, is this weird? And if you're a guy, how would you feel about dating a girl with this "fetish". Thanks <3

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  • not weird you have a cuddle fetish possible a petting or comforting fetish?

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  • To be honest, I've never heard of this fetish before. So I'm not sure if it's normal or not. There are so many different fetishes out there and many could be considered "not normal." If their pain in particular turns you on that would be more of a sadist thing I guess. If you think about a stomach ache, it's obviously gonna hurt, and being hurt makes you vulnerable and weaker. It could be that that is what turns you on and why you want to comfort them. Is there a certain type of stomach ache that turns you on? Example: eating too much can cause a stomach ache. If you like the thought of that you may have a food fetish? Sorry I don't have a specific answer. But really a fetish is just a fetish, and as long as both parties are on the same page and it isn't killing anyone then it's fine.

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    • I definitely wouldn't want them to be in pain... but I guess there's something about such vulnerability, like you said.
      And nope, someone stuffing themselves doesn't turn me on. I've heard of people who've got fetishes for eating too much, bloating, etc... and that just seems unhealthy (no hate though). Thanks for your feedback though! I'm just young, and self conscious about this, so thank you.

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  • I think it is very sweet that you want to hold and comfort someone you care about with a belly ache. I don't think it's weird at all. Your BF should feel blessed to have you

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  • I think your stomach ache fetish is perfectly normal, and I've run into or conversed with a person or two online who had the same fetish as you. In fact there is or was a forum, the Stomach Ache Cafe, though last time I saw it, it was pretty much inactive.

    I have a major stomach fetish myself, and I know what it's like to feel weird about it. In my case, I really like it when a woman holds me from behind with her hands kept pulled back into my stomach extremely tight, so tight it feels like she's going to snap me in two. It comes from getting held on laps that way a lot when I was a kid, blame a couple of older teenage girls in my environment.

    Fortunately my S/O is just fine with my fetish, she's glad to hold my stomach in super-tight like this if that's what floats my boat. Though still, sometimes I feel strange about it, as if I'm some kind of a freak. But in the final analysis I'd say stomach fetishes like yours or mine are normal.

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