Stinky Plaque

Is it normal for tooth/mouth plaque to stink? I notice when I floss my teeth that it has a smell to it. I brush my teeth at least twice a day and usually floss every other day.

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  • I have been working in the dental field for some years so I can tell you it is normal. Plaque is build ip from your mouth and that includes bacteria. Bacteria smells bad. Try to floss everyday and make sure you are getting your teeth cleaned every 6 months. Also, using a tongue scraper helps eliminate a lot of bacteria.

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    • Thanks so much for teh advice! I actually had a cleaning done recently (and 7 or 8 cavities fixed), so I haven't had the stinky plaque in a while. Must have been a build-up.

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  • Talk to your dentist.

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  • My plaque smells too, so Im guessing its normal.

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  • It's normal for me... when I floss it stinks

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