Steamboat willie; cruelty to animals?

In the classic Disney cartoon “Steamboat Willie” (featuring the first appearance of Mickey Mouse) part of the cartoon features what could be considered cruelty to animals, including Mickey pulling a cat's tail and then swinging the cat by the tail above his head, picking up a nursing sow and "playing" her babies, and using a duck as bagpipes.
I just wanted to put a poll out there and see how the isitnormalers view this

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  • Sounds pretty darn harmless givin' it's a cartoon and all. It could never be actual animal cruelty because no animals are hurt even if you made a cartoon/animation depicting "actual" animal cruelty. I think the concern some people might have is inspiring youngsters to hurt actual real life animals. but that line is up to parents to decide and teach their kids that spinning the cat by its tail is okay in "toon-verse" and not real life if needed. Ive never seen the cartoon you're talking of though, would love a link ! :)

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  • It wasnt cruelty because it was just a cartoon! Its not like they were really hurting animals so its all for fun.

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  • I’ve been racking my brain for about an hour trying to understand why you would even give a god damn.

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    • I don’t care I just thought it was an interesting question. I’m an animation student and we were doing a class on the history of animation and watching very early cartoons. The teacher warned the class that the cartoon depicted animal cruelty and during the scene there were some gasps from my class. I couldn’t believe that people (especially ones aspiring to be animators) couldn’t view the images on screen as just silly whacked out antics with no real world value

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  • its a fuckin cartoon

    dont even try watchin the roadrunner or tom & jerry

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