Speed camera ticket?

I might have got caught by a speed camera going over the speed limit. I’m not sure if I got flashed or not or if its even a speed camera. Will I get the speeding ticket by mail or something? I’m a new driver so I dont know anything about this. I live in California btw. Thank you!!

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  • If you were driving fast enough to trigger it, you'll get a fine in the mail. Obviously I do not recommend speeding, especially for new drivers.

    Try to learn stationary cameras in your town, that knowledge will save you good money.
    Or (if it's legal in California), buy a radar detector. Decent ones cost between 150-200 bucks. I have one and it saved my ass a few times.
    Or just get one of those speed camera apps.

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  • Sometimes you wont get a ticket for it. Ive ran several and didnt get one in the mail. I remember when my hometown first got those cameras there was like 100 people at the next city hall meeting bitching about it. The mayor took it down. Next mayor brought them back.

    Good thing in Tennessee its legal to run a redlight anyway if it doesnt change after 1 cycle and theres no one coming.

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  • It depends on the state... many of them are making speed camera tickets illegible.

    Consult someone locally in your state about the applicable laws and standards in your state and city/town.

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  • Yes, if it caught you, you’ll get it in the mail. You can fight it through. A bunch of them in CA were found to have an unreasonable delay time before they went off, and a lot of them in my area were deactivated.

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