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Anyone else notice they've cracked down on spam voting comments? I use to get all my comments spam downvoted which never happens anymore. I think they've taken the downvote feature from some peeps.

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  • They got rid of it years ago, now we can only upvote or downvote each user 2 times per day. Plus you have to get a certain ratio of upvotes to comments to even get the downvote option.

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  • I've never seen mine getting heavily downvoted. (Although a few have been slightly.)
    Something I've noticed is that people claim it has to do with account age but my account is only a year or so old and I've always had the ability to dislike/downvote.

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    • The owner disables it if he doesnt like you. It has nothing to do with karma like being claim

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  • There were trolls that would use multiple accounts to downvote your posts. It can be taken away without having bad karma. I havent had one in years and I rarely get down votes.

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