Sore throat problem

I've had a very sore throat for almost a week. It feels like the week before I got strep throat fully 4 years ago which was the most painful thing ever and I had high fever and chills too. Nothing is happening though it doesnt break out into strep throat or anything else. It gets worse when I lie down, though this night was fine. It hurts when I swallow though not all the time, in fact sometimes it gets better when I swallow which is completely opposite to strep throat. However opening my mouth wide to yawn hurts like a motherfucker and the last time I did it I started coughing because my throat felt so scratchy and sore when I opened my mouth wide. My throat is very scratchy but I do not have a cough, I only cough once or twice here and there sometimes and more at night but I have to clear my throat from mucus all the time because I keep getting hoarse. Other symptoms are basically none, not even a headache even though I have headaches often so you'd think this would be a time when I have it worse than usual but nope. My nose is very runny but only one nostril, the other is fine, plus before my throat even started hurting and my nostril got runny I had sores inside the same nostril which are now gone.
No fever and I am not tired. I can eat as usual and I sleep fine too if I take an aspirin before I go to bed to prevent how my throat worsens when I lie down. Also I can't afford to see a doctor at the moment unless it's absolutely necessary like a proper emergency.

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  • Get tested for covid. If you're vaccinated sometimes only one or two symptoms will show up, they can last fairly long with or without fever.

    Worst case it will be ruled out. Best case, you can take action and make sure you're not spreading it to others.

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  • Lemon juice and honey.

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    • I drink extra much honey with my tea and I take vitamin C's which is basically lemon at least lemon flavored lol but not working yet. Maybe thats why im not getting worse tho

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  • Try zyrtec and some sore throat spray.

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