Sometimes i kinda feel like i'm psychic - iin

idk man sometimes I feel like I'm a lil bit psychic because I have really vivid dreams that end up happening in the future (I started keeping a dream journal to prove to myself I'm not crazy)

also sometimes the things that I think about end up happening?? like once I was at a talent show and I was super bored so I was like "what if the fire alarm went off but during intermission so no ones performance gets messed up" and then that exact thing happened!!! I have some anxiety issues so I get intrusive thoughts sometimes but once I went out to dinner with one of my grandmas friends and as we were saying goodbye, the thought "it's going to be so sad when you die" popped into my head??? I thought it was really weird because she was only in her 60s and seemed extremely healthy but literally a week later she was diagnosed w stage 4 cancer and she died abt a month after that

also I feel like I kinda hear other people's thoughts?? like I said, I get intrusive thoughts sometimes so it's not unusual for a random sentence to pop into my head but a pretty good amount of the time someone nearby will say that exact sentence out loud?? FOR EXAMPLE: I had a writing partner in school once and we had to come up with a character. We both thought to ourselves for a bit and then all of a sudden I had the thought "let's have a boy named Sam." I turned to my partner and at that exact moment he turned to me and said "let's have a boy named Sam."

,,.like it's weirdly specific stuff and it happens ALL THE TIME. one time me and my brother were standing next to each other and I suddenly got the urge to sing a pretty obscure Christmas carol that I had only heard once before (it was christmastime and we were doing some decorating). At that exact moment my brother sang the same line of the same song at the same time as me. We sang the one line in perfect unison w each other it was freaky af

additionally, lotsa times I'll just blurt out my random thoughts and someone close by will look at me kinda funnily and say smth like "wow I was JUST about to say literally that EXACT thing!"

..,, idk man it's got me feelin kinda like I might be a low key psychic and I was jw if anyone else has experienced anything similar

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  • Its all just coincidence. I've had numerous similar things happen but coincidences do happen.

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  • To be honest, I have experienced the thing about hearing other's thoughts but it was only once or twice. The other things that you mentioned: I have no idea how that happens.

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  • You didn't mention that I was going to add a message. Or the 2 other users before me.
    And what are my thoughts right now?

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  • Yes you are indeed psychic.

    The babbling bullshit presented to us above is all the evidence I need to be convinced of your talent.

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