Something is wrong with my mum iin

Tbh if I could I'd find my miracle partner and run away to another country. I hate life and a lot of times hate my mum for hr retarded brain.

My mum projects her feelings and dreams onto ME saying how she wished she was me and could re start her life and is glad I'm not looking or had a relationship or wasting time with them and I have all the time in the world to focus on me and make something of myself then later she's contradicting herself saying - She Hope's she finds a man !!!!
Tf Bitch please!!! Yeah hes long gone!!! It's the FACT... She wont date And says she lost the love of her life lol She knows he was mostly gay tho? And didnt feel love as he thought with his dick not heart So no point in loving someone who cant love u back essentially riight?
She has this new businessman into her and she doesnt feel a spark what a joke! It's cause sh has no self worth Which why she wants a construction worker With no self dignity, And porn habit just like her daddy and his pedo tendencies. Apparently he used her as a "pin cushion " too so she obviously has 0 self love. She chooses a gutter rat lmao and probably would do it again. 🤢
He also said on multiple occasions throughout their relationship hes gay and likes men and also ditched her like 5 times. Toxic much? I seen texts on her phone where they've texted a few times and he said he loves her and she said it back ewww!!! I do believe she is mentally sick and deranged but shes my mum and been pretty good. I just dont know why after all her spiritual growth she still goes on in her old cunty ways or the way she views the situation. Makes me sick.

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