Some women have really cute hands iin

I have longer fingers and they're not particularly dainty. I'm also f and I used to check out others girls hands all the time and wished either mine were the same or just likes admiring them. Nothing weird or sexual it's not like its a fetish but ig I don't really understand my fascination? Perhaps it's simpl cause my hands are a tad more on the masculine side...
I dated a girl once and her hands were nothing special but she had really soft skin where as even though I'm a women, she seemed to have softer skin?
Sadly after one month it ended because she was too sexual and also she dumped me and used me.
We didn't even go that far in the bed room as I wasn't ready

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  • Normal. Hands can be nice to look at sometimes. Masculine hands and feminine hands both have their own set of charm to them. ❤ By any chance do you do manual labor? That will usually give a person beefier hands. I'd know because my line of work did that to my hands. Putting lotion on them consistently restores the softness, but does nothing for the beefiness. XD

    Sorry about the girlfriend. A lot of people feel like they need sex in a relationship. I never understood it though. No one needs that shit to survive. They need food, water, money, a job and a house. Thats it. People in the lgbt scene thought I was crazy for not understanding it because I'm bi and have my own kinks. It's whatever though. You'll eventually find someone who won't ditch you for that reason. There are plenty of patient people out there.

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    • Aw thanks love! You sound awesome 👌
      And although I don't like or agree with kinks, I'm really happ to know we are of like kind when it comes to not having to HAVE sex and become a sex freak just to have a relationship.
      I just year for someone who appreciates romance as much as I do and intimacy will be great when someone isn't so lusty and wants to keep a monogamous relationship along with open communication, love and trust

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      • Thanks so much! Glad to help.
        Theres definitely someone like that out there like that. Keep looking and she'll eventually be there.

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