Some of you are moderately attractive people

This isn't some faux compliment praising your mediocrity, it's just an observation

Some of you are moderately attractive, either physically, personality-wise, or both. You're the people who make this site worth coming back to

Others of you are absolutely revolting and the world would be inarguably better if you withdrew from society. And that's not an exaggeration or an insult. Some people here are objectively the worst and contribute nothing but ugliness and negativity in an already godforsaken world

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  • *flutters eyelashes*

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  • How would people “withdraw from society”? How about a reverse debutant ball before never participating in significant gatherings again?

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  • What about me?

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  • how do u know!!!

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  • Yeah, I'm that kind of guy, moderately attractive. In this world you should contribute a dime to your grandma. But I think this is a relief from all the you're some kind of people posts, I think what makes it fun of all time is admitting this to yourself.

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