So how many times do you post on here?

It's me TheBlindInquisitor.

how many times do you post questions and comments on here?

I'm not asking which questions you posted or anything I'm just asking how much do you frequently post questions or comments at any given time.

I will say that I post about maybe three questions on week days and about six during weekends.

As for comments it's when ever I see something that holds my interests then I'll comment on it so I can't give a number.

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  • I make a lot of posts because I get stoned and starting thinking of weird philosophical questions

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  • I found this website a year back, used it obsessively for a few weeks, then lost the password. Now that I've made a new account, I think I'll probably sort of be spamming. I comment on nearly everything. You might see me around haha.

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  • Rarely ask a question but sometimes post a response. Depends how often sometimes can’t be bothered to log in for a couple of months other times I might log in several times a day for a few weeks

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  • I used to post a lot more, its maybe one a week or so now but no real rhyme or reason to it. Same with comments.

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  • Almost never post questions.

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  • I’ve made like... 400+ threads on here?
    Though I mainly stopped as of late.
    Only started commenting these past months, I probably talk too much on here

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  • I have been using the site for over a year and I have only ever posted maybe four or five times. I comment loads though. I'm chatty like that.

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  • I post whenever I'm having a problem irl that I feel like is abnormal, or just need some general reassurance on something. It's not very often cause I forget this site exists but it's still pretty helpful at times

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