Sniffing my trainers

Caught my BF sniffing my trainers today. I told him that next time he wants to do it he needs to tell me and maybe I'll watch.

I was surprised how OK I was with it. Does that make us both weird?

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  • a little creepy if you ask me

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  • BF as in boyfriend? Normal
    BF as in best friend? Yikes

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  • It’s normal to want to sniff out attractive people. Dogs do it all the time.

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  • Theres a few chics at my gym i just want them to smother me with their asses. This one chic I saw yesterday who was super fine. Perfect body with big ass. Jeeeeez

    Idk how its like gods perfect and best creation is fit white girls. I dont understand how it makes ur lizard brain react so strongly just seeing them.

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  • is he on drugs

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