Sneakers vs sandals

So went on a vacation to Flordia recently where we did a lot of walking and sight seeing. A few days I wore mt sneakers, not old but I've worn them enough they were comfortable and some sandals. Not the flip flops but the ones with the back strap you have to tie.

For further reference I normally work out at least every other day including jogging so I am very use to physical activity

The days I wore sneakers I noticed my legs and feet would be sore into the next day from walking vs when I wore my sandals. I would be sore in my sandals at the end of the night but when I woke up I was feeling fine. No pain at all. Is it normal to feel less sore in sandals vs actual sneakers?

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  • Yup. Those are the Florida gods telling you do ditch the shoes and socks.

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    • bet I like my sandals better anyway

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  • Properly fitted shoes are hard to find for many people. Most of the commercial stuff "kinda fits well enough."

    If the shoes really fitted you and supported you correctly you would not have the problems you describe.

    Sandals tend to be easier to find a good fit with appropriate arch supports for many.

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  • Wear boots 👢
    They're easy as slippers to slip on.

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  • Synthetic rubber outsoles, foam insoles are not a good combination for long term walking or standing up.

    What you experienced is completely normal. Just get better shoes.

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