Snake bite caused sociopathy?

So I have a 2nd cousin who got bit by a snake when he was a kid and almost died since it took a long time before getting him to the hospital, but thankfully made it. We're adults now and since he was a teenager has been kind of a trouble maker and now he even hits his wife and kid and other criminal activities.. he seems to have narcissistic/sociopathic tendencies and some people in the family sometimes mention that it might be the devil that got inside him through the snake when he was young but of course as an atheist I don't believe all that nonsense.
But is it possible for brain development to be affected/stunted due to snake venom just like stress and abuse does to a child's brain which manifests as mental illness in adulthood? But I'm not also sure if he had any traumas in the past or just has a strong genetic predisposition cause all his other siblings turned out "normal", anyway just wondering if snake venom also plays a part in brain damage which manifests in future mental illness.. couldn't find anything on google or maybe didn't search enough but just wondering if anybody here knows something about this.

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  • Even psychiatric professionals have problems when they try to understand why some people become sociopaths. In some cases, it seems that it's just the luck of the draw that results in a person's brain being wired that way.

    Maybe your cousin has sociopathic tendencies because he grew up in a family of cretinous religious whack-jobs who actually believe that the devil can be transferred from a snake into a person via the medium of snake venom.

    Your theory is an interesting one, but I think I can understand why you haven't been able to find any information supporting or refuting it. In order to confirm your hypothesis, you'd need to find a large number of people who were bitten by snakes as children, perform psychological assessments, and then look for statistical anomalies between that group and the general public. Since snake bite is pretty uncommon, this would probably be difficult for that reason alone.

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  • This is an interesting concept! My birth father was a sociopathic narcissistic. He had always been a selfish dude from what I heard, but after being exposed to poisoning and maltreatment while in the army, he basically became a complete psychopath.
    You might be on to something.

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  • That's a dumb hypothesis, dawg.

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  • A snake bite isn't going to cause you to become a sociopath LMAO

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  • I've never heard of that either. Snow snakes have a venom that can induce temporary madness though.

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  • I'm a Christian and even I don't believe that superstitious bs about getting a demon via snake bite.

    I seriously doubt that the venom caused his personality issues either. There are tons of people who act like that, and have not been bitten by snakes.

    Being born with a wack brain, or private social issues seems more likely.

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  • What kind of snake was it?

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