Smoking weed with tobacco for 5 months

So I've smoked weed for about 8 months now, I use tobacco with most of my joints. For the first few months I smoked about once a month and the next 5 or so were more like every weekend and for about a month almost daily but that's it. What is the likelihood of developing diseases from this much exposure to tobacco smoke bare in mind each time I smoke I'd probably use the equivalent of one to 3 cigarettes max

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  • Pretty much zero chance of any significant damage. It takes years of tobacco use to really damage people's lungs.
    That's really not much of a nicotine habit, so don't go around thinking you're addicted now or anything. Just stop doing won't be hard.
    Or.. only use it sparingly. Not daily, at the very least.

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  • If you don't already smoke cigarettes you will get addicted to the nicotine, I'd find it hard to believe you haven't already.
    Smoking tobacco has too many potential risks to even mention.
    However, the weaker your joints, the less likely you are to develop a case of the crazy.

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  • I mean it doesn't matter you should quit either way if you give a shit about your health

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