Smiling All The Time

I work at customer service and I smile easily. I always smile when talking to customers or if I just have a cause to do it.

When I'm not doing anything and just stand there, naturally I don't smile. This causes one of my co-workers to come up to me and say, "You need to smile!" It really irritates me because he does it EVERY single time we work together. It's as if he expects me to smile when there are no customers and I'm not talking to anyone.

Is it common/normal for people to expect you to do that? I understand smiling if there's a customer I'm talking to, but expecting me to smile while doing nothing seems downright ridiculous.

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  • My mom used to say that to me when I was young. Yeah it is. He's probably trying to say that you look better when you smile.

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  • Change careers. As someone in customer service it's pretty much your job to smile on command. Get vampire fang implants if you don't like it.

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  • He could just be busting your lady balls as a way to flirt with you.

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  • Your coworker is just being a dick you dont need to smile all the time thats just ridiculous.

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  • Give him a huge fake toothy grin and a maniacal laugh every time he says it and he'll soon stop. Anyway, unless he's your superior what's he doing telling you how to do your job?

    I don't know how you manage a real smile at complete customers: I certainly couldn't do it for any length of time.

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