Smell changes after covid?

I was sick all of April with the worst flu i've had. I'm pretty sure it was covid. I took a test with a homekit but it showed negative, however those tests are known to not be reliable. I went to the doctor once and she didnt covid-test me but she tested my blood and said that I have an active virus infection in my body. She said they were busy so she was not going to test me further...So I dont know any specifics.
After I got well I have some very obvious smell changes. Certain things smell exactly like vomit to me, particularly strong scents. I've never been sensitive to scents before in my life. Last week a cleaning product made me dry heave and I lost my appetite. To me it smelled exactly like someone had vomited all over the kitchen and I couldnt be in there. It took me a day to realize it was the cleaning product. It has a strong scent but im the only one who reacts to it and definietely the only one who thinks it smells like vomit.
A certain type of bread smells like vomit as well for me, and the soap that we currently use. This soap has a strong scent and not the nicest one you can get but I remember before I was sick that I thought it smelled pretty okay and it never bothered me. Now I think it has a sickengly sweet smell. Not sweet in a good way.
It makes me feel sick.

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  • As somebody who recently recovered from covid (test was positive, me and my whole household had the same symptoms) yeah that is normal. My sense of taste and smell was fucked up the whole time, and took ages to come back even after the other symptoms went away. At first, I couldn't smell or taste anything. And then, my sense of smell and taste would come back a little tiny bit gradually at a time. But this put me off a lot of foods and drinks for a while. For instance, I would smell the coffee, and it would smell sweet, but lacked the distinctive "coffee" smell. Coffee also smelt and tasted the same as a pot noodle. Which just ain't right! I had this horrible cloying taste and smell combo the whole time, like things just taste BAD. And don't get me started on fruit teas - we have these strawberry flavour fruit teas. Normally I really like that flavour. But while I was ill with covid, they tasted unbearable, like so gross, they had this disgusting cloying bitter aftertaste it was so gross. A while after that they would start to taste like vinegar.
    Well you shouldn't worry because now it's been way over a month now since I had it, and I completely recovered.

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