Skinny female bodies are indifferent to me

I am sexually attracted only to average women with a BMI of 23-24.

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  • Everyone has a type.

    Personally I like shorter women. The shape really doesnt matter.

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  • My BMI is 21. I'm female. Height 5'6. Would anyone like me?

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  • I find slim women elegant and beautiful and women with a little extra (not to an unhealthy degree) to be more appealing as it usually means more goodness 🥰. But either become more attractive if they have a great smile and interesting personality.

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  • My BMI is 18. Lol

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  • Some skinny women have really attractive shoulders and arms. Like a tall curvy greek vase with handles begging to be held

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  • So skinny women are indifferent to you? Well, at least you've still got average women.

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  • "Skinny female bodies are indifferent to me"

    I was bewildered when I saw that title in the Newest Posts list. What it actually means is that skinny female bodies don't react to you. I assumed you were unhappy about that and I wondered exactly what reaction you were expecting from said bodies.

    Personally, I've never been crazy about skinny women either. I see women with a BMI in the region of 23 or 24 as "normal".

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