Single functioning alcoholic vs unhappily married

I'm a functioning alcoholic who realized long ago that I'm not marriage material because I don't even know how to pretend I'm interested in anyone after living with them for only a few days.

But where I'm from, single people well into their 30's are demonized, they are negatively criticized, harshly gossiped about. All their efforts to stay above the water by maintaining good hygiene, good communication skills, and a skill that they're good at, not only as an avenue to make ends meet, but also as a hobby, is often 'trashed'. Rumors to undermine your efforts and word of mouth about your being on top of your game, (read craft,) are let loose to give your partnered counterparts a leverage.

So, does my single-unrestricted-drinking-independent-lifestyle, as opposed to coupling up for the sake of 'safe' social validation mean I'm in fact shooting myself in the foot?

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  • Why the fuck are "functioning alcoholic" and "unhappily married" the only two paths you see available in life?

    Like, fuck, get some help.

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  • Stop drinking.. thats whst broke me and my first boyfriend up. I couldn't handle it anymore.

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  • I think you need to stop drinking, regardless of whether or not you decide to marry someone who makes you unhappy.

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  • No one should shoot themselves...

    I'll be real with you I usually do kind of wonder about someone if they are say 50+ and have never been married or theyve been divorced 5 times. The thing about marriage is it tells you about somebody that atleast someone in the world can stand them enough to live with them.

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