Simple password saver alternative

What is an easy password manager besides roboform, keeper, and Dashlane? cheap/free or ?? I thought your PC was your manager, why do I need a password manager anyway?

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  • Write down your passwords with these ancient but efficient tools called "pen and paper".

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    • ...And then tape the paper to the wall above your desk so you don't forget what you did with it.

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  • Create a word document with all your sites and passwords.

    Then make the word document your permanent background screen.

    I actually proposed that to the IT Supervisor at one of the companies I used to work as a way to manage their requirement for so many different passwords for all their various applications. The IT Supervisor was gripping a bit about all the time IT had to spend resetting passwords for people on the various apps.

    Then I told him that it's that... or that IT comes up with a way that we only needed 1 or possibly 2 passwords to use all the applications our jobs needed... and not have applications that had completely different rules on what was an acceptable password (I think I had 6 different passwords for different applications).

    The IT Supervisor sat there with a shocked look on his face as if he had never understood the reason for all the password reset issues.

    Amazingly, within a month IT started to modify the Applications so that they all had the same rules for a password; and within 3-4 months one password worked for all applications. I later learned that they had to pay for modifications to some of the apps to change the acceptable password rules.

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  • go into your browser show all passwords and take a screenshot

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