Sick of changing clothes every day

I recently went through my office clothes and started feeling resentful that I had to waste so much money to look visually different each day, with a different color/pattern shirt, to appear as if I had a clean change of clothes. I only did it because everyone else did it and I thought that was the unwritten rule. It never made sense to me for a couple of reasons:

A) you could have multiples of the same clothes
B) clothes doesn't automatically get dirty just from one day of wearing it especially if you're just sitting in the office all day

I also feel angry that it can't be addressed openly, and that some people enjoy picking outfits each morning and those same people seem to impose the rule on everyone else.

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  • Just have 5 smart outfits and rotate. You’re clean every day, they can’t complain.

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  • You're mad other people put effort into their appearance to look presentable? 💀

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  • I wear the same pants and 3 different shirts I cycle for work. 6 days a week 7th day I wash everything. Hasn't caused me any problems yet

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  • Einstein reportedly had 7 of everything and changed every day but it it was a clean set of the same shirt, sweater and trousers. That way he didn't waste time thinking about what to wear for the day.

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  • I’ve always been a huge fan of uniforms.
    Absolutely for school children, I think it would be good for college and university students too.
    Company and government employees should have uniforms.
    Tighten up public dress code standards, I don’t think you should be wearing offensive or provocative material like drug/sex/violence imagery or offensive wording on shirts.
    People shouldn’t be walking around in dirty or stained or ripped clothing.

    There should be state funding and support to help keep our people cleanly and appropriately clothed and hygienic.

    Personally I don’t allow graphic tees at all, or sweats or loungewear or pajamas to be worn outside, for my household but that’s just me being grumbly. Still I don’t think others should wear them in public either, I think it’s a bit too casual

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    • *throws away blyat shirts*

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      • Tighten up sidewalk ! We’re trying to promote a positive and competent image here !
        *emptying old beer out car window* now spare me a cig would you

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          resistance is futile

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  • Just live like a hobo and don't shower or change clothes. It makes life simple and easy for a simpleton like you.

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