Should you go to a dr for visual migraines?

I don't know if I suffer from migraine but for many years i've had headaches very often. Then 2 years ago I had my first visual disturbances, I saw colors floating around in my vision and everything else was blurry and it lasted for 30 minutes then I had a headache. Then I got it again last year and just now I was about to get it again but I think I managed to revert it by resting my eyes before it broke out for real and i've had a headache for over a week that regular pain killers don't do anything for.
I have mentioned my headaches to doctors multiple times in the past and they've said "headaches are normal". One doctor even adviced me to take 7 painkillers a day and said that it's not dangerous which obviously it is !!! So I gave up and I have never told a doctor about my visual migraine attacks. My family says I do not suffer from migraines because those are so debiliating you can't do anything but i'm so used to headaches at this point that i've learned to live with them but i'd never leave the house for long without having painkillers with me because I never know when a headache is gonna hit.

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  • Yes definitely. There may be ways to treat them or tests to see what causes them. Those visual disturbances are called aura.
    There are many types and degrees of migraine and your family obviously dont know that. If i were you id see a specialist and tell them youre having auras and it affects your quality of life. Dont give up.

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  • It sounds as if you've been seeing some shitty doctors, so find yourself another one and begin by describing the aura, which should convince any good doctor that you're experiencing migraines and not ordinary headaches.

    There are medications which can stop a migraine in its tracks or at least make it less severe and shorter in duration if taken at the first sign of the aura and I've heard there's now preventative medication.

    If you can work out what the trigger is that can be helpful: I get them from glare and from flickering fluorescent lights but for some people particular foods are triggers or problems in the neck or shoulders. For women, they can be linked to the menstrual cycle.

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    • I agree! They need to stop writing his or her headaches off. Mine come from muscle knots in my neck or certain smells

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  • Headaches are not normal, and there are several different types of migranes.

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  • Those visual disturbances are called aura.
    There are many types and degrees of migraine and you should seek medical attention from someone who understands migraines. as there is medicine that can help, I get migraines really bad and got a prescription for daily use along with a rescue medicine when I get a migraine. has help tremendously.

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  • I just saw an article about fairly new migraine preventative drugs but they're very expensive (AU$300 a month for one of them) and not on the public health system in Australia, so goodness knows what they'd cost in the usa.

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  • When in doubt, yes.

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  • Take migraine preventative meds(amitriptyline, nortriptyline, propranolol etc) plus migraine abrortive meds(such as sumatriptan, rizatriptan, ergotamine etc). Contact a neurologist for prescription.

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