Should we live in a libertarian society?

I’ve had enough of the United States government. I think a much better idea is to completely abolish all forms of government and run the country in a fully libertarian fashion.

1. Every government service should be privatised and run by companies. If we don’t like what they’re doing, we buy from their competitors and they go out of business.

2. Instead of a costly court system, we should abolish all laws and simply rely on vigilantes and bounty hunters to capture those who behave badly and decide on a sentence.

3. All drugs should be legalised including dangerous ones like meth and crack. We have the weapons to defend ourselves against dangerous addicts.

4. We should have the right to purchase military grade weapons such as bombs, tanks and machine guns. It’s our natural right to defend ourselves.

5. We wouldn’t have to spend time electing officials. And best of all TRUMP WOULDN’T BE PRESIDENT.

As it would naturally be a purely capitalistic society prices on items would be incredibly low too. Without a government we would also have much more money than we currently do as we would not have to pay taxes.

Is it normal I want society to operate like this?

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  • You're confusing War Lordism with Libertarianism. You need a navy and a treasury.

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    • Don’t forget. a ground force, corporation regulation, and protection of resources and public property.
      There’s a reason why libertarians suck in politics.

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      • Libertarians don't want regulation. They want just barely enough services to keep war lords from making the rules.

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  • That sounds ridiculously naive.

    And your poll options show ridiculous bias.

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  • Fuck no!
    I’m a libertarian conservative. Pure anything is a shit system it just overpronounces the weaknesses of the system. A healthy mix of systems should be used. Libertarian downsides include capitalism without regulation, a decrease in important capitalistic practices such as busting monopolies and enforcing law. Read a bit about the banana republics and how corporations made the entire country worse for years. There was a time I was like you but you need to see that EVERYTHING politics, energy, religion, natural laws are connected. And the current American system right now is the best the world has found so far. I’m not saying it’s perfect but its better than the alternatives for sure.

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    • I completely agree with you. There would not be too many ways to ensure the safety of the people and I myself don't trust corporations to do the right thing they would probably just bleed the people dry and probably enslave us making mini corporate towns and states.

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