Should two coworkers who work together siamotainously ask for a raise?

Most of the time I would say no since your risk of getting a raise will be less likely.

Back story, I live in West Virginia - not many jobs here, I’m collage educated, work for my city (village,) can’t move now, been working the same job for 3 years, I’ve brought in businesses for me department (that I was working myself) for awhile.) I’ve never had a raise and my job offers limited benefits. My coworker joined a year and half ago. We’re the only 2 working then mapping district, we do the same task basically, and we’re working on a project updating the mapping district to a digital database instead of paper, plus we’ve created multiple new projects for the city. I started this project, and he was hired to help me basically.

I want to ask for a raise since it’s a learning a experience, and I think it’s time for one (which I would say more discreetly in my negotiation, obviously.) My coworker who’s worked less years than I got an offer for another job with better pay and surprisingly he dosen’t want to leave, but we both came to the conclusion we should ask for a raise.

I’ve been debating in my head whether we should ask together since there may be a risk of a smaller raise if we get one together, but if we both ask I think the chances for getting one will be greater.

Is this wise?

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  • I would generally discourage this manly because you think this will be a beneficial move for both of you. Asking you boss together puts him (I'm assuming sue me) in a rough situation for dominance. Where depending one what kind of boss he is could either be slightly good or overall just terrible.

    If you have better paying jobs at the doorstep why not go for them instead of being in the same job without a raise? These issues need to be brought up individually so you can maximize the raise amount.

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  • It seems like you’ve waited too long to ask for a raise, and it’s likely they’re taking advantage of that. If it’s in a small town I doubt they’d be willing to give you a raise. I would look elsewhere.

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