Should people who posted old racist posts/tweets be exposed?

I've always seen videos on YouTube circulating saying XYZ were exposed or XYZ is sorry.... Sorry they got caught etc.

It's always videos about their old racist posts/tweets for e.g. influencers ( some who did that got exposed this year and maybe the previous years. )

Should they be exposed?

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  • Depends how old and if there is evidence that they changed.

    I was raised as a racist. I went into the US Navy in 1975 (just after Viet Nam) because I felt that I owed my country something and to get money for college.

    Within 6 months I noticed that the behaviors I was seeing in people of other colors and cultures did not match my what I had been taught by my parents.

    I started to pay a lot more attention and question things...

    By 1 year I had cleared the worst of the racist teachings and changed. Some of the lessor ones took another few+ years.

    So if you found things I wrote in the late 60's and early 70's you would find things that are very offensive by today's standards. But, I changed decades ago - and you will not find those things in anything in the last 30+ years.

    We cannot control how we are raised (and are not responsible for that). But once we leave our homes and go out into the world - we are responsible to change and adapt to the real information out in the world.

    It's part of becoming an adult in my opinion.

    I'm willing to give anyone the benefit of the doubt that admits that they had the wrong information and is starting to change (or has changed) from the past. But, there current behavior better line up with that.

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  • No. This whole cancel culture thing is dumb as hell.

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  • I hate this shit. The whole woke/ cancel crowd needs to burn in a fire!

    You can't go snooping what people said 10+ years ago and turn it into a scandal. What's in the past is in the past.

    Who cares why some 40 year old, 500 pound neckbeard who lives with his parents is offended? Or why some blue-haired female-ish looking land whale is angry? I don't care, go away!

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  • A lot of people change. People should be given a chance for redemption.

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  • Part of the problem is when they apologize and make a big thing about it the cancel mob smells blood in the water. I would personally never apologize. Why should I care if some whiteboy in Cali is mad because of my tweets. As long as ppl in my community and black ppl I know personally aren't mad I dont give a shit.

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  • People can change. I think if they're still racist then that's shitty but I think to "expose" someone would involve something more recent like security footage of them committing a hate crime last week or something.

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