Should people be entiled to their own privacy

I don't always want to share what I dreamed last night. I don't cheat or do anything wrong, but i feel like my partner is overly invested in all my personal thoughts. Should a couple litterally share everything or is that a bit too overbearing?

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  • Just say, "I don't want to talk about it." If they can't respect a simple boundary, maybe reconsider the relationship.

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  • You are entitled to have thoughts. Sharing them isnt a requirement. That's on her if she cant handle that she cant control or view your immaterial thought process.

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  • “I require privacy I’m always thinking violently”

    -Death Grips

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  • I think people should always have the right to have their own secrets and privacy, regardless of what type of relationship they are in. Its your choice if you want to share something.

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