Should nike sue about product infringement?

So Nike is suing lil nas x's company, (you all remember that guy that had that mix hiphop and country song about the horse in the front) of copyright infrengment because his company rebranded their shoes. Nike didn't care if there was holy water artisticly put in their soles, but now they are concerned that there is virgin blood in there?
Considering Nike uses child slave labour to produce their shoes, do they have a moral, or legal standing to complain about the reperpos of their shoes for art?

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  • Satanic shoes with virgin blood is abit more edgy than holy water. Satan shoes hurts their brand. People wont want to support their business anymore. No one cares about holy water, but people might not wanna support a company that endorses satanism. Its a business at the end of the day. They dont want to hurt their profits.

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  • It’s all good publicity for Lil Naz X if they sue, it makes him more of a controversial figure like Marilyn Manson was back in the 90s.

    All publicity is good publicity (unless it’s allegations of sexual assault).

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  • See that is an odd situation because that artist made the retarded decision to make a satanic shoe when for the last year hes been marketing his brand for children. This shoe fiasco just caused a bunch of parents to realize this guy is a bad influence on their kids. So he just torpedoed his kid friendly appeal.

    Its up to Nike to sue, since this is bad PR. He could of breached the original contract by adding the drop of blood to each shoe. Theres ground for Nike to sue. How hard they sue is entirely dependent on how bad the satanic shoe turns out.

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