Should lgbt (especially trans) show up in the news as much?

LGBT especially trans people are in the news all too often for being 3-6% of the population. Trans people are only 0.7%. I don't understand why we need to talk about issues that matter to an extremely low minority. I feel like we should be talking about issue that actually matter to all people. Who fucking care if some trans person is in the military. Why is this even a huge discussion. We are making way to big of a deal out of people who barely exist in society. I would like to see your opinions too. Tell me why they should be represented this much in media.

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  • It's just a hot sensationalised topic this decade, and as a gay person I'm still split on how I feel about it.

    I absolutely love and appreciate the support we're getting... However, I'm slightly concerned it's turning into a pissing contest, to see who can virtue signal the hardest and look most progressive. I also think all this sensationalism is giving more power and fire to fuckwits on the other side, who are hellbent on pushing this "there's a gay agenda" narrative. I think this is playing right into it.

    Honestly all I want is legal recognition of our relationships, and some anti-discrimination protections in place (which is something we already have, in The West anyway). After that I'm good, it doesn't need to be a media shitstorm every time someone says they don't agree with my "lifestyle".

    The entire discussion around transgenderism is skewed even more. We've taken a medical issue that's existed as long as humans have, which has also been treatable through transitioning for decades, and suddenly made it a "new trending topic", as though Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox just invented it the other year. You've also got hipsters jumping on the bandwagon and claiming "trans" when they are not actually trans. It's causing a hysteria and moral panic over something that affects probably less than 1% of the population, and yes, it's ridiculous.

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  • There is no agenda. some people cant handle change and only want to see representation of themselves because their mind is so small, they live in a fantasy world where everything is black and white. Thats why they call it an agenda. LGBT people have been background noise but finally in the last few years we are being heard, trans in the military shouldn't be an issue but the bigots and overzealous Christians make it one smh. LGBT wont be such a hot topic when people learn to shut the fuck up and let people be, they do them and lgbt do them

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  • There's a place in the news for such groups even as a small minority. That said, if there's more important issues that effect bigger issues or larger groups then I do believe it shouldn't be the #1 issue talked about.

    That said, I can't say that I've noticed an abundance of these topics in news outlets unless it involves higher influencial people. That also said I do think that the reaction to subjects like this are often given exaggerated responses.

    I assume you're also talking about the two employees at an airline talking about their disdain for trans that Lena Dunham brought up? If so, I do believe that the subject is ridiculous. While yes, what they said, in my opinion, was pretty gross but the responses implying that they aren't allowed to have those beliefs or even talk about it privately is also gross and extreme.

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  • Considering how rare actual homosexuality let alone trans people are, It should barely come up.

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  • Its a gay agenda to make everything gay.

    Its annoying

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