Should i try playing the violin again?

I only played for 5 years and although my school orchestra teacher and private music teacher said I was good and had talent, I don't feel I ever was or did, and was maybe mediocre at best. I quit 8 years ago after I suddenly lost all interest (I had recently lost a very close loved one and I think grief did weird things to me).

I never had any desire to play again until the beginning of this year, when I suddenly had a strong urge to try it again. The only thing is, I don't live alone and am very self conscious about my playing, and am not ready to tell anyone if I do start playing again because my family always made a huge deal out of wanting to hear me play and I know they will again, and I don't want an audience at first.

I tried playing while I was home alone a few times and was surprised at how much I remembered, but also frustrated with myself that I wasn't perfect and in my eyes, have a lot of room for improvement before I could ever be confident again.

I'm currently looking at buying my first house and so don't have a lot of extra money to buy new strings for my violin, rehair my bow, take lessons, etc. right now.

Part of me thinks it would be nice to get back into it, but I'm not sure if right now is not a good time or it's something I should just leave in the past.

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  • {insert Nike slogan here}

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  • I think there's a reason you remembered it. Our subconscious mind can really only talk to us indirectly, through emotions, dreams, intruding thoughts, inexplicable desires. I bet if you practice to the point you're proud it'll make more sense.

    I would love to learn violin, or guitar, cello. I played the baritone in band and I always thought what a drab instrument to play.

    You can always buy the parts and repair it yourself, that might help learn to play it too. Find an empty part of a park to practice, if anyone comes up to you they're just a random person, you should have back up measures for those interactions anyway

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  • I didn’t read it all but if you want to then do it. Being able to play an instrument is a cool skill to have.

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  • Can you play Danse Macabre?

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    • I've never heard of it! I only played during high school, so whatever it was they had us play (along with my violin teacher outside of school, but we mainly worked on school stuff).

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  • Yes, but do get lessons as soon as possible. It will help massively

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  • I haven't played my violin for a year.

    Despite playing it for 10 years.

    I'm like you in a way but my violin skills are rusty so I may need to get some lessons.

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  • If the house is more important to you, then keep saving for the house and go back to learning the violin later.

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  • I’m not going to bother reading that.

    YES. DO IT.

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