Should i trim my pubic hair regularly

I have too much pubic hair (male btw) and lately it's been accumulating a lot of bad odor and generally being in the way or annoying.

I'm thinking into cutting it. Is it a normal thing to do or I shouldn't mess with it? And if I should cut it, how should I? I'm afraid to mess up in this region in particular.

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  • Try an electronic trimmer.

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  • Trim it. If you mess it up, it will just grow back.

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  • The amount of body hair doesn't produce bad odor, but if it's in the way try trimming it. Just be careful, you don't want to trim anything else down there.

    I'm a woman and trim mine because one of my lovers asked me to but there's no way I'm getting into waxing or shaving or any of that nonsense because I can't stand the itchy regrowth.

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  • The pubes shouldnt be responsible for odor. You need to shower daily and scrup. Also its 2019 girls dont like pubes these days.

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  • Sure, if you want to so, or you can wax it!

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  • If you want to go for it I enjoy clean shaven the most.

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