Should i stay or move on from my current job, advice?

I've been working at my current job for the past three years. Becuase of funding, I've only been granted part-time hours. We've recently started a larger project, and my supervisor mentioned full-time, but the promised kept being trimmed down. We are two months in this project, and I go from getting 35ish hours a week to 30.

We recently had a misunderstanding with another department (that has a reputation for being stubborn) and I am spending MY money to print out items from their machine that is necessary to complete this project. It's $3.00 a sheet, with end total near $200 a month. I was not happy, though I didn't say anything. I beginning to feel as though my needs for work are not as important as others in my department.

The only reason why I would not consider moving on is that the training from this project is very valuable for my future work, though it's moving slowly. It's expected to be a 2-year project, which will now likely take more time.

Would I be foolish to stay?

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  • Get some receipts & hustle over to whoever is in charge of petty cash for a start.

    Explain to them what you have been spending your own money & you aren't prepared to do it anymore.

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  • You are being scammed. Leave.

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  • You would be foolish to spend $200 of your own money a month and say nothing. Wtf

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    • Considering you only work 30 hours a week and wanted more you must have time to find a new job. Why quit before getting a new job?

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