Should i reach out

One of my best friends growing up was like a brother to me but stole from me about 11 years ago. And I totally cut him out of my life after that. Since then he and I gone down a different paths. I found out he just got sentenced to 17 years in federal prison after he got shot and his leg amputated from it (he was drug dealing meth and got robbed). Before going to prison he was waiting on indictments for gun charges where policd found 3 guns at his house (he was a felon) police came to save his life after the shooting and found his guns. His girlfriend then gave birth to a black baby who he suspected was his... (hes white) this is just days after losing his leg...really grim shit.

We were like brothers growing up and I'm thinking about reaching out to him but idk if I should even bother. We lived together and did everything together. We are close enough to know eachothers skeletons in eachothers closets that we'd never tell anyone else. Never had a friend like that after I stopped hanging with him probably never will. I think if I hadnt have stopped hanging with him he wouldn't have gotten into dealing meth either.

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  • It's worth a chance to reach out; but be careful. You don't want to catch what he has. People tend to become who they hang out with... Do you wish to end up with his criminal background and lifestyle?

    Too many people think they can help someone - only to get dragged down to their level.

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  • Your "friend" just got the outcome of his own choices.
    If my friends get in trouble by their own stupidity, screw them! That's none of my business.

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  • I'd reach out to him. It's a nice thing to do, and given how his life is going at the moment he could use someone kind giving him a bit of attention.

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  • Are you absolutely sure he stole from you? In those years, did he ever apologize and/or try to make contact with you?

    I'd say follow your heart and do what you think is best. Maybe write a letter to start?

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    • Yeah I am positive. It was medication that I needed too.

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