Should i keep initiating communication?

I began chatting with someone from a dating app. She's nice, and we have many things in common. But I've noticed that since we began chatting directly (outside the dating app) a few weeks ago, I'm the one who has to reach out to her.

I don't text often. In fact, I reach out, and we have an active chat for a while. But then, several days (3 or 4) go by, and I hear nothing. If I reach out again, we can have another good chat. We've even spoken by phone! And she mentioned during a followup text chat that she'd had a good time during our call.

I'm obviously interested in this lady, and we seem to be able to converse. But I'm becoming annoyed that I must be the one to initiate contact each time.
I don't know the best way to express the disappointment at being the initiator.

Anyway, is this normal? And what would you do — if in the same scenario?

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  • Nigga yo passive aggressive bullshit is weaker than a baby with leprosy and muscle cancer.
    Either you tell this hoe yo intentions and what you want out of this shit or you cut da hoe loose.
    She probably got options.. And you're just a little dance monkey to keep her entertained when da real niggas ain't got her attention for a moment.
    Dance, lil monkey, dance

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  • There are people who want to have only "cyber" relationships... and then ones who want to have real ones.

    I'm of the later. By in large if a text, email, or Skype, etc. contact does not progress to an in person meeting within a week or two... I'm not likely to be interested (exceptions are a few people I correspond with internationally - where meeting in person is difficult). I like doing things and meeting real people.

    I never had any cyber relationship lead to anything.

    Yet there are people who only seem to want cyber relationships.... I'm not a match for them in general.

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  • Text messages are meaningless. There greatest purpose is to set up actual dates. So set one up and see what happens.

    Regardless of what happens afterwards, you'll be saving yourself a ton of time and energy.

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  • Send her a message now asking her out for a beer/coffee etc. On a particular day. Get it arranged. If she fucks about and won't commit to any arrangements then stop messaging her and move on.

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  • Right- if you haven't met in person yet, either make it happen or move on. Fuck a screen relationship.

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  • I've never understood this one either. You should meet up tho.

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