Should i do this or is it too extreme?

when I was a kid I always looked at the year 2020 as a magical year-- 2020 vision, A new decade when I'm still in my twenties and so on...

For me it feels like "the future" and a good year to live the dream.
which i won't go into too much detail but for me it's more travel, I'm talking A LOT more, an all year long journey.

SO my idea is to make 2019 a living hell, a total boot camp, I'm talking very little money spent and 70-90 hour work weeks all year long. Ultimately saving as much of my income as humanly possible and proving to myself my capabilities and grit.

Ive got a detailed plan but here is a rough idea of what i think i should do all year long

---70-90 hour work weeks (physically demanding work)
---1% of income on "fun"
---rock bottom healthy food budget,I'm talking beans,rice,meat,vegetables, ect. all cooked at home and bought in bulk.
--- also going to sell all the belongings i don't need
---7 hours sleep, awake before 5am all 7 days of the week.
---only bill=rent & phone

Basically, absolutely No life for a year, but then amazing life for 2020

I'm just gonna do it, i mean i already made a huge board to mark the days with x's for every successful day, and the goal will be to not break the chain of x's and just take one day at a time. but I'm curious as to what you people think? vote,comment,advice,experience, ...ect.. is appreciated, thanks! :)

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  • While I applaud your exuberance I also think you do in fact need 8 hours of sleep, and at least one day off a week. I think that while this Spartan plan for 2019 may come from a place of good intentions, however I also think that if you overwork yourself you are risking illness, and burnout.

    I think you need to rethink your plan, and aim for one to two days off a week in order to recuperate from a strenuous work week. What you need is a way to use your self discipline to plan out austere, yet effective rest, and relaxation for your days off that incorporates health, spirituality, relaxation and recreation that keeps you healthy for your work weeks throughout the year of 2019.

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  • Well if you work yourself to death, you'll need a whole year to recover.

    How fun.

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  • I honestly have no idea what that crazy wasabout lol

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  • That might sound good, but not having anything for fun is just going to make the year the worst

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  • That's a great plan but make sure you allow flexibility for life's little surprised. It won't all go exactly as you planned and don't beat yourself up when that happens.

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  • If you do this you will probably pick up a bad habit or two and these will be the money leeches in your life. Increase the fun to 10% include higher grade food (fresh) have a vegetarian, diet meat cost a lot in long run. Decrease it to 50 work hours. If you are REALLY interested in travel think about joining the armed services like the navy, i served and went everywhere in asia on the governments dime. And you would get payed an expendable income I pocked 80% of my income into my savings about 14000 a year. Also free college which is nice. Hope this helps I’ve been in the position before!

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  • Life loves to fuck up our plans.
    What if you do succeed in making 2019 a living hell and save a ton of cash but then something happens in 2020 that just depletes all that money saved?

    It is easy to get motivated about ideas like you have but when reality hits we soon lose our motivation.

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  • Sometimes it's fun to deprive myself of things.

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  • Is your life live it to the fullest, and about 2020 being a good year hells yeah man. Thats when fucking trump leaves office for a new president.

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  • EVERY year should be like this. People spend too much time fooling around and wasting their energy on pointless things and forget what an honest day’s work is. The sole purpose of our lives is to work. Anything less than a 14 hour work day makes people weak and unproductive.

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