Should i date her?

My name is Marcus, im a 19 year old black man. You might be already thinking im some kind of broke drop out, simply because im black, but i go to a 4 year university in California. I recently met this fine latina chick, in my class. Shes popular and dropdead gorgeous. Ill give you her instagram after im done talking. Anyways, i fell in love with this girl, and we have been getting closer. I want to ask her out, but she wears little clothes in public. I dont want people thinking i go out with a ho. She often wears no underwear while were out. Despite this fact that she does this, i still feel warmly about her. Should i got out with her? I mean shes the same age as me, its college.

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  • Go for it and enjoy yourself.

    The problem is, you're looking at a hoe, but don't even know it. You can argue it all you want since you got to know her, but at the end of the day, she still wears very little and struts around. So just wear that rubber, get some ass, and enjoy your college days until you meet a woman you can build a life with.

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  • If you officially start dating her, it could possibly change. Go for it, hope for the best, but if it doesn't work out, you'll be OK. The fortunate reality is that if shes dropdead gorgeous and wants you, then there will be plenty of other people you meet who will feel the same.

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  • Go out with her.

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  • Its not going to change

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  • yeah, what have you got to lose?

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